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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bantoo?

Bantoo allows you to offer your customers an internet connection in a manner that benefits you by acting as an effective channel for marketing your business.

In order to access your wireless connection, they must sign-in via their chosen social network or by entering their email address.

This allows your business to capture valuable information about your customers and with their permission, promote your business further to them and all their online friends.

2. Will this work with my current internet?

Yes! Bantoo is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our Access Points work with your current Internet Connection to turn it into a WiFi Hotspot that’s available for your customers.

3. Will my business/personal internet be secure??

Yes! In fact, it will be more secure. No more handing out or posting your networks password. Simply password protect your main router with a password, don’t share it with your customers. Then plug your Bantoo router into your main router, creating a separate network where your customers can login with their Social Media credentials.

4. What if the business has several locations??

Bantoo will work in all locations. As long as there is an internet connection at the location you can install a Bantoo router. You can assign different campaigns to each location or use the same one for all.

5. Does this work in my country??

Yes! Our Social Wi-Fi Marketing program is a cloud solution and simply requires an Internet connection to be managed – anywhere in the world.

Our landing pages can be translated into any language for a personalized user experience..

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